May 22, 2009

Here's the deal...

I've actually had several blogs over the last few years but I've made the same mistake each time and with each one. I've told friends about them. Call me private, call me shy (you'd be lying here), call me secretive, but the minute I know people I know are going to be reading what I write, I panic. I run, I hide, I deny...and I abandon the blogs. Let me just say right now that blogging seems to sort of mirror my life, which is probably why I throw garlic cloves and silver bullets at the very idea of a relationship, dating, and even most friendships. I am the poster child for Being A Loner And Loving It. I'm not a people person. I can fake it with the best of 'em and do when I have to, but it wears me out and makes me have to nap in my recliner. I like being around my kid. I like being around my mom because I'm painfully aware she's 80 and I better take full advantage up what time I have left with her. Forget the fact she can outwalk me and can still scale fences. She's old. I want to soak her in and bask in her. I'm also determined to teach her that she does not use fertilize on her lawn...she uses fertilizeR on it in an effort to fertilize it. She's not allowed to die until she can use those two words correctly. My mother is, apparently, immortal.

Anyway, other than my mom and my kid, I pretty much keep to myself outside of email and I like it that way. I have online friends that (who? whom?) I love dearly, talk to daily because they want me to and that (who? whom?) I am thankful I only have to see a couple of times a year, if that. They won't see this blog...BYDT, learned that lesson. I have the old lady who lives across the street and while I love her a lot, we only talk maybe twice a week and we're both good with that. She's A Loner, too. I have four cats that keep me good company - Gina, Ginger, Beatrice and Tucker. I have a needy old house with multiple and ongoing water issues but that I own outright and love, a garden I'm determined to make grow, and many loose ends of my past life I need to sit down and tie up. In case it matters somewhere, I'm also a (divorced) lesbian, a homeschooling mom, a Libertarian who voted for Obama and I'm a damn good homemaker. Oh, I also watch a lot of Bravo reality shows...and *hides face* Nancy Grace.

So, there you have me. I'm going to try this blogging thing once again. Let's see what happens. Don't hold your breath.