Sep 26, 2011

Random thoughts and a deal on razor blades.

Let's tackle the razor blade thing first...Jake needed new razor blades today, sort of urgently, since I'd bought the wrong ones the other day and he was leaving today (more on that in a bit).  Within a mile radius, we have a Publix, Winn-Dixie, CVS, Family Dollar and Walgreen's. He wanted Schick Quattro Titanium blades and Walgreen's had the regular Quattro blades on sale for $8.99 but the Titaniums were $13.99.  For four.  Yes, *four.  Razor blades are one of those things that make my asshole pucker up when I have to buy 'em, but hey, he's going to be gone a long time and I decided to suck it up. At the register, however, even the Titaniums rang up at $8.99.  Yay!  But to make matters even better, this purchase got me a printed coupon for $5 off my next purchase of more than $5.  So, basically, I can go spend $5.10 and only pay 10 cents.  Or, alternately, I got $13.99 blades for $3.99 and will pay for something I'd buy on sale there anyway.  Probably nail polish.  Anyway, with the purchase of *any Schick Quattro product, men's or ladies', and even the disposable razors, you'll get the $5 coupon for a future purchase of anything.  This is a deal worth sharing.  :-)

So, yeah, it's 3am and about 2 hours ago, Jake left out with a friend to spend an undetermined mount of time in Ft. Lauderdale.  He will be back long before Thanksgiving, but that's all either of us know right now.  I will miss him fiercely but am glad he's getting to experience a new area and see if it's a place he might be better off living in.  Don't get me wrong, I love my kid and hate the idea of him moving, but this area offers nothing for him now. Just nothing. He has to move away to have a future and at least Ft. Lauderdale isn't that far away.. But here I am...kidless, alone, feeling sort of giggly at the freedom of it all.  I"m such a piss-poor empty-nester.  Oh, and his friend?  Is cute.  And a  Hmmmm.  :-D

So here I sit, it's past 3am and I'm having a glass of wine, bleaching my shower grout and trying to keep Tucker the cat from breaking in and licking the bleach. Does anyone else have a cat that loves bleach?  Obviously, I'm going to be leading a wild life while Jake is gone, lol. I think tomorrow (fine, *today, whatthehellever) I'm going to make myself a honey-do list and share it.  Maybe I'll even keep myself honest with pictures.

For now, I'm going to try sleeping in my bed.  It's been over a month since I've slept in it.  My back objects to being flat, I have issues with being on the far end of the house and so I tend to sleep in my recliner and Jake takes my bed since it's a full size and no one is in it.  Still, in celebration of being freeeeeee and alone, I'm going to sleep there.  I put fresh sheets and a fresh coverlet on, have a lavender tart melting and am going to try it without a TV, since my TV in there died. Wish me luck.

Goodnight to everyone.

(PS:  I'm not bothering to proofread this so ignore any typos)

Sep 14, 2011

Passive-Aggressive Scrabble.

Miss Arse and I play Scrabble on Facebook and she usually beats my ass, too.  When we have an argument or she's in a foul mood about something, she starts new games even though we have several going and plays mean.  I just opened up a new game and apparently she has something on her mind...

Click it to make it bigger.
I love how she wishes me luck...that's my clue it's about to get ugly on the Scrabble board.  By the way, check out my letters.  Can you guess what word I played back?  :-D