Jun 16, 2009

Checks and balances for a sucky day.

These bad things happened today:

1. My new clothesline failed. Or falled. Take your pick.

2. My kid got his first-ever busted lip and messed up chin by thinking he could jump off a swing while it was swinging high. It's so pathetic to see. What's more pathetic is that he'll be 18 in September. He wonders why I've never allowed him to get his driver license but this is why...he can't even drive a swing. Why would I trust him with a car?

3. I'm growing tomato plants out of the bottom of a basket as an experiment. As of yesterday, they were beautiful, strong, healthy, and vibrant. Much like I used to be. This morning, the basket fell. Yeah. They are now much more like I am...broken and slightly dehydrated.

4. Jake, aka Busted Lip Kid, asked me about child support for the first time in 5 years today. He wanted to know how far in arrears his dad is, etc. I told him nearly $12,000. I've not pushed hard for child support for many years because when he was younger, the whole drama of it all upset him since his dad felt the need to tell him everything. Today, he tells me to push hard but to please not ask for his dad to go to jail. I explain that while I won't ask, it could still happen. He said that that would be his dad's choice, then. How sad it is when a kid is so disgusted by their own father that they don't really care if he goes to jail? This just isn't how it is supposed to be.

5. I saw a roach (okay, fine, it was a palmetto bug - same thing in my mind and I think it was 19" long) in the bathroom and I couldn't catch it to kill it. I will now have nightmares about them crawling on me, since where there's 1 there will also be 5,736,923 more who have his back. I guess, really, killing that one wouldn't have mattered a lot but it might have sent a warning. I sleep with my mouth open, though. I'm dying here.

These good things happened today:

1. I did not die from heat exhaustion in my own bed or recliner.

(struggles some to come up with more)

2. I fixed the cold water faucet in my shower.

3. I got a random and unexpected kiss from the bitchiest of my cats, Beatrice.

4. Tucker, my young, feral male cat, made a huge stride in trust today by staying on my bed the entire time I made it up and killing the sheet wrinkles for me. Typically, a sheet change will send him into hiding in another room for hours. This was huge and only (lol, because what else do I have to do?) took 9 months.

5. I didn't spend any money.

There. I've balanced positives against negatives and will leave the internet with a sense of balance tonight. And a need to pee. Who am I kidding? Once I pee I'll have my second wind and be back online.