Aug 11, 2009

Oh, look. A post.

That last post? On June 11th? Was the last time I opened this poor blog up until today. Yeah. I believe June 12th was the day I found Farm Town and anyone who plays it will know exactly what I mean.

I have had some good things happen in the last 2 months, though. The best? I have a/c! Back when mine died a few years back, I had numerous places tell me it was shot, a couple of which I really trusted, so I took that to be fact and we've had some rough times in the heat. Finally, in early July, I did bite the bullet and decided to have a new central a/c and heat unit put in. I did my research, made a list of places that were incredibly reputable and had them come out for estimates. In the middle of it all, though, I also needed a toilet repair that I just couldn't do so I called the neighborhood handyman. While he worked, I asked him if he knew of any reputable a/c places. He told me an ex-BIL of his does a/c work on the side and is very good, plus cheap since it's side work. Now, I trust the handyman completely so if he recommends this guy, I'm comfortable. I call said a/c guy who comes out and is *adorable. Short, wiry, hairy hyper and very, very NY Italian, pulls up in a red Corvette...what's not to love here? He looks around and asks if I care if he tried repairing if. I scoffed. He rolls his eyes and tells me he's a magician with these fine, prove it. He gets out with multiple flashlights, after dark, and tears into the outside part. It's 9pm and he's got it totally disassembled in my side yard, telling me to trust him. Well, hmph, fine. An hour later he walks in, smirks at me, flips it on and it pours cold air. Fuck me, he fixed it! I nearly cried, called him my hero and asked what his charge was. He tells me $200. The hell? I write him a check and kiss his feet. Well, in my mind, anyway. So, here we are, still with a good working a/c and I don't give a rat's ass that he does this on the side. He's *honest. And when it finally does die, he's got the job for a new one. And me? I no longer feel like a hotbed, literally, of yeast and fungus. I know, that's sexy, isn't it?

Also the fabulous (I lie) states of Florida and Tennessee finally figured out, after 4 years, how to get child support out of my ex-husband. They used an old court order and first (yes, first) garnishment amount so even though he's paying, his arrearage is still growing. It's just growing more more slowly now - $13,000 and counting. But hey, that $76.15 a week means we get to buy unnecessary stuff and that's been, clothes, cologne for me. Okay, shoes for me, too. It won't last, but while it does, we're going to revel in the frivolity of it all.

Lastly, I want to mention something that is weighing on my mind and it is serious. For quite awhile now, I've followed my charming kids. While I've never really bought into her life as being as peachy-keen as she represents it to be and while some of her parenting made me cringe, I still enjoyed it. Until recently. Someone dug up some public records and discovered her husband had been charged with domestic violence within the last year and that they have two homes in foreclosure. The homes, whatever...shit happens and it sucks since she says they take nothing from the government and yet it'll be taxpayers covering a lot of this mess, but yeah, whatever. I guess I can overlook her never mentioning that but the domestic violence part? Not so much. She refers to her husband as Prince Charming and then this? Here's the deal - I lived through domestic violence, and for years. I refuse to call myself a victim of it because I'm *no one's* victim and I could have left. I chose not to and, even now, I'm glad I didn't. I became a better person for it and was very lucky. I'm no victim, just a survivor. But, what kills me is how MckMama blew off whatever happened as a normal up and down in marriage. Uh, no. That's an insult to normal marriages *and it's an insult to people who have experienced domestic violence. Jesus. I just want to slap the stringy snot out of her. How dare she nonchalantly wave her hand around and dismiss whatever caused her husband to be arrested TWICE as a normal up and down? Unless, of course, she lied on him and had him falsely arrested. Regardless, she needs to stop and think about the message that sends to women who may be in abusive relationships and who read her blog. "He hits you? Or he doesn't but he makes you fear for your life? Aww, Honey, it's just a normal up and down part of marriage! Ride it out! I am!" Seriously? Fuck you and the dysfunctional horse you rode in on, Jennifer. Bear in mind, with your attitude and the way your followers look up to you, you may well wind up with a death on your shoulders to bear. Are you okay with that? I'm not, which is why I wrote this.

And, with all that said, I leave you with this. I want anyone who might happen to read this to go to bed feeling like a genius. Is This The Stupidest Person Ever? (VIDEO)