Sep 14, 2009

I'll be damned, a few people actually read this thing!

So, while I'm going on roughly 2 days with no sleep and still up practicing my random sleep habits - and actually, right now I'm practicing my random awake habits - I think I'll tell a little about myself. Someone might care. I'm ever the optimist like that and someday, the immense humor of that remark will become clear, so remember it. Anyway, I'll list some important things about me, since that's something else I do. I list. I make things symmetrical, I alphabetize, I like outlines. I will make a grocery list in outline form and it makes me feel good in my soul.
*moment of self-reflection*
I do that since so much of my life feels disorganized and uncomfortable, I grab at any chance I can find to structure things up some.

Here we go. Well, here I go. I don't know if you're going or not.

1. I live in Florida, central east coast. Beach. Space Center. Tourist country. Fuck me.
2. I am 46 and so far, that's still too surreal to have an opinion about.
3. I am divorced, with a 18 year old son.
4. I am also a lesbian. I am divorced from a man. Oopsie-daisy.
5. I am a proud, registered Libertarian.
6. I do not work. I probably ought to, just to get out more.
7. I should also work to fund my online shopping hobby.
8. I am multi-racial. I am also somewhat racist.
9. I am intensely religious, but follow no common religion.
10. I am not a Christian but I'm a fan of Jesus.
11. Oh, *God, this list isn't lining up straight since I moved into double-digits. I will try repeatedly to fix that. Trust me.
12. I am celibate and plan on remaining so. I don't do sex outside of a relationship. And I no longer do relationships.
13. I'm too quirky and stubborn to deal with another person.
14. I might be gay, but Anthony Bourdain is the sexiest man I've ever seen. Of course, those two could be related.
15. If Queen Latifah wanted me, I'd consider therapy for my quirks.
16. I don't run with scissors. I avoid being stupid.
17. My son is all mine. He's odd, quirky, opinionated, different, sweet. And androgynous. Don't you wish you could say that about your son?
18. He's brilliant and I'm not saying a mom-thing. Tests prove it.
19. He also proof that brilliant can still be stupid.
20. He's like his dad, there.
21. I have 4 cats, ages 16, 16, 3 and 1. The one year old is an unneutered boy and he has a stuffed stingray he humps. I find this incredibly amusing.
22. I am domestic. I sew, I paint, I cook, I garden, I clean, I decorate, I even iron things. I am a great wife as long as I'm the only person in the marriage.
23. I own a full range of power tools and can use them.
24. I gave up a Dodge truck for a Hyundai Elantra. This is proof that I am ever-practical. And cheap. And have no shame.
25. I am a pacifist, a fiscal conservative, a non-fiscal bleeding heart liberal and an isolationist, all both politically and in my personal life.

26. I have to fight the urge to hoard food and it's odd since I've never really gone hungry in my life.
27. I do hoard fabric softener and don't even try to stop it. I'm a fabric softener whore. I love all things laundry, including doing it.
28. I was born in family is from up a holler in the Appalachians. I come from a long line of coal miners, drunks and inbreds on my mom's side. Dad's side solved the inbreeding problem by mixing races. Actually, Mom's side did the same but then they all started inbreeding again and defeated the whole goal.
29. I was once arrested for protesting on government property when I tried to climb a fence during the protest. Keyword being "tried" since I never was very good at climbing things and fell. It was taken off my record when I paid a fine and stayed out of trouble for a year.
30. I believe in both Evolution and Creationism (to a degree).

There you're just fascinated, aren't you?
Yeah, me neither. It's okay.
*sighs and chuckles*


Anonymous said...

Hi *waves*

I'm probably one of those strange hits on your stat counter haha. I was drafted from Hummus land!

Thanks for this post, I love getting to know people in the blogs because it's been such a great community :)


Anemone Pie said...

Hi back and oh, I'm excited, someone read this! I feel almost!

carebear said...

thanks for visiting my blog! I like lists too. My sorry attempt at control and organization too. :) I've seen you on BF and when I've "lurked" on OHIH. ;) I totally get you on the evolution/creation thing. I'm right there too. Have a wonderful week, the rest of it anyway.