Oct 1, 2009

7 random facts.

I got tagged by Jennifer, so here goes:

  1. I owned a trucking and freight brokerage company for many years with my ex-husband. We ran semis all over the continental US, in fact. I still have a CDL and can drive a semi but hope I hope I never have to again because they all smell really bad.
  2. I do not own a cell phone. I do not want a cell phone. I hate cell phones.
  3. I speak some Arabic and understand a lot more than I speak. I have a real love for the Middle Eastern culture, especially the food and music.
  4. I'm a perfume junkie. This week, my favorite is Bijan Nude.
  5. I have Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder. You will typically find my house chilly and very dark inside, as a result. I try to not go out in the daytime unless it's rainy and dark. Lol, I'm not a "light and airy" kind of person.
  6. I'm actually a very good artist, although I rarely draw or paint anymore. In a fit of depression and anger many years ago, I destroyed all my work. My mom had a couple of pieces I forgot about and they are all that survive now. This was my version of cutting my ear off.
  7. I collect Barbies and have over 200.
NEXT!! I'm tagging: CPTWife, Bella, Karen , and Tara


Anonymous said...

Do you have any really old Barbies?

I did my random facts, but I have no idea how to link to people like you did. Any help?

Thanks for doing this, it was fun!!

Jennifer said...

Tara took her blog down, the brat. Thank you for playing along!

All my barbies ended up with really bad haircuts. Do you collect the expensive ones or just any old Barbie?

Anemone Pie said...

Bella, I do...I have an Barbies from 1962 on through, including some of the original Suntan Barbies, Skippers, Francies, etc. They are well loved, though, but intact.

Linking to people? Well, I use Firefox so when I drop a blog into my bookmarks, I get a popup confirming my drop and giving me the option to rename it. I rename it with the person's actual name, if they use that. Basically I rename it by what I identify that person as in my own head. From there, I just drag and drop into my post. I still need to work on getting everyone to show on my blog, but this is a start and it might be worth you trying.

Anemone Pie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anemone Pie said...

Jennifer, now, as an adult, I only do the collectible Barbies and I'm picky at that. I just like certain ones, I definitely collect for my own pleasure.

(PS: That post I removed? Dumbass typo.)

Heather in Texas said...

I think I only have some Barbie head remnants. I wasn't very good to my dolls as a child!

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing...I feel like I know you better...


Jill said...

My husband and I owned a trucking company too. I never drove, just did dispatch.

I love your profile too.

won said...

Thank you....very much!!

Anonymous said...

Ugg.. after reading this it reminds me I got tagged and forgot to do mine! Not enough time in the day, lol. I will try to get to mine tonight.

Anemone Pie said...

Jill, you were smart. I only drove in a pinch because I sucked at it and wouldn't do anything that wasn't local. I often wished I'd never learned so I didn't have to at all. Now, it's just sort of a neat party trick I have...well, if I ever got invited to a party where there was a semi.

Won, you're most welcome. It looks pretty there. :-)

Heather said...

i have reverse seasonal affective disorder too! i hate the florida sun all.the.damn.time. i love "fall back" and when it gets darker earlier. i hate the way they keep shortening the time frame of it. i love gray skies, cold weather. none of which we get often here in florida. i once read that the reason we suffer from this is due to the heat-i can believe it.

i miss the change of seasons. i grew up in northeast ohio for my first decade of life. i try to convince the family to please move north, anywhere! my girls need to experience this! and maybe i could learn to appreciate summer.

my non floridian friends don't get it. they love florida and can't understand why i gripe about it. here's the thing-florida is great for vacations-the beach, disney, etc. but...when you actually live here, you have to live. meaning you don't spend your life "on vacation". think of something simple like going to publix. you step outside and instantly sweat, glasses fog over and then you get into the heat death trap of the car. can't breathe, can't touch the steering wheel and can barely see because of the sun's bright glare. i call the sun the "orb of melt".

i hate it. and thanks for letting me rant a little i feel better now. =)