Nov 3, 2009

What goes 'round? Comes 'round. Hard.

Jake just called to "see how you are." So far, he's not liking going a whole day without contact. Yay, I warped him good! As of now, they've been to a mall and bought live rats to feed to Ben's snakes, which, while he tried to remain cool, was relayed to me as being "interesting." I bet that wasn't fun, since Jake is my kid and likes rodents. Well, nice pet rodents. Oh, and Jake bought a set of studs for his labret. Man. It all sounds so exciting. Much like home, minus rat deaths. He said he'd call me tomorrow. Ha!

In reference to another "He" and in reference to a recent conversation about prayer I've been a part of, I did pray about this. I prayed for Jake to be granted the wisdom and confidence to know right from wrong and to act accordingly, even if it wasn't what I wanted him to do. I prayed for him to listen to God, even if he doesn't realize it is God speaking to him, and even if it goes against what I hope for. Time'll tell how this all goes.

Miss Arse, bless her heart, is trying to be supportive but managed to give me a hearty "Paybacks are a bitch, aren't they, Honey?" Yes, Mom, they are and thank you for pointing that out since you don't know the half of what I got into. I smoked fucking hash, Mom. I did speed. I drank a lot. I slept around. I don't really regret any of it but shut up with the "payback" thing, alright? I drink enough as it is. Don't make me me sleep around again, too. Okay, Mom? OKAY?


Dawn said...

Goodness AP...if your posts don't have me laughing, they always make me smile.

Okay, I've had my share of piercings (think all the "interesting" spots) but I had to Google labret.

Really Frugal said...

I always think about paybacks for my oldest, but would never say it to her; I just smile and walk away. Jake sounds like a neat kid. And Miss Arse sounds like fun, too.

Anemone Pie said...

Dawn, I'm glad and thank you. You and Taylor always make me smile, too!

RF, someday you should say it out loud to her! And thank you. He is a really neat kid...quirky as hell, all mine, but really a very cool person. So is my mom. Old age has loosened her up and made her great fun to be around. :-)