Jan 2, 2010

A day late and a dollar short.

I've been in a blogging funk.  There it is.  The holidays have worn me out since I had to be social and upping my iron and switching my multi-vitamin produced no miracles.  Although, as a side note, did you know they have gummie vitamins for adults now?  Saw those and sadly got all excited.  Anyway, I thought about posting some pictures but even though it is now clean and nice, my house seems so...poor...compared to others and, frankly, compared to others I've had, too.  What seems fine-ish  in person looks so run down in pictures so that discourages me. I've not had anything too exciting or drastic happen to tell about, at least not that I think anyone would find interesting.  We had a nice Christmas but I'm finding it hard to imagine anyone would find it all that interesting.  In the end, I think I might have some self-esteem issues.  *sighs*  So, tonight, I joined NaBloPoMo.  It appears I now have to post every single day with a theme of "best" for the month of January.  Wish me luck...I mean, I'm one of those people who have no issues with failing and owning it, basking in it even, so I don't have high hopes but I'm really going to try.  I am.  Really.  Awwww, shut up and just go join NaBloPoMo with me and we'll bore everyone together.  Also, yes, I know it is technically  January 2nd and I'm sort of already a day late but I've not been to bed and I think it might still be the 1st in...um...Samoa.  Or somewhere.  Whatever, I'll do 2 today.

So, the theme this month is "best" and my plan is to share the best thing that happened to me every day, even if the best thing is only that I woke up.  My best thing today (fine, yesterday) was the fact it turned cold and the temperature dropped all day and it was drizzly.  I made scalloped potatoes (my most favorite food on earth), a pork roast, black eyed peas *blech*, fried apples, beer bread and a spinach salad.  For dessert I made a Sweet Potato Cake, a favorite of my family.  If you decide to make it, I will say that a spice cake mix is my preference but hey. it's your call.  Miss Arse came over and we ate until we were about to pop and then lit candles all over the house for warmth and watched Constantine's Sword.  Interesting movie, by the way. After she left, I slept in my recliner until around 1am, which is why I'm here, now, at 4am.  My sleep habits suck.  Anyway, the best part of my New Year's Day was that we were together, we ate good food and no one died.   Look when you've got an 81 year old, a 47 year old with a chronic medical condition and an 18 year old and all the shit they do, any day that no one dies is good!  In the end, the scalloped potatoes were really the best part of the day anyway.

So, who is in for NaBloPoMo with me?  C'mon, y'all, this can be a resolution we can actually keep.  One month, blog every day with the best of something.  Let's see a show of hands.  Or breasts.  A show of breasts would be fine, too.


Jeanette said...

I am getting strangely excited by the thought of you posting every day! You're posts make me smile!

I did NaBloPoMo in November and all I can say is Good Luck! It's hard to come up with something every day under pressure, lol. I didn't even follow the theme, just posted whatever I wanted.

Kathleen said...

I haven't time to sign up now, (going sledding) but I think I will join you in this. I already did 2 post yesterday, which is a full 3rd of what I did last year...

Anemone Pie said...

LOL! Thanks for the...um...support, Jeannette. It's good to see you here, by the way. I am sorely behind on my blog reading and hope to get caught up on yours and everyone's this weekend!

Kathleen, good! I'm glad someone else is in it with me. :-) Have fun sledding and don't break your ass. :-D