Jan 5, 2010

Well, whatever.

So, a couple of days into this blogging every day thing, I missed a day.  I suck. I own it.  Let's move on.
I mean, it's like a diet, right?  If you cheat, you're supposed to pick it right back up where you left off and that's what I'm going to do now.  I own my failure and will move on.  *twisty-butted*

The last couple of days have been interesting and since I love a good list or two, I'll list the best and the worst.  Let's hope they balance out.

1.  Florida is experiencing record cold and I love it!  My thermometers are reading 34 and 35, respectively.  And yes, thermometers...plural.  I'm a weather freak.  I have an electronic weather station with monitors placed around my house and yard.  At any given moment, I can tell you the humidity over by my twin palms or on my carport.  Take your pick.  I also like to monitor barometric pressure from time to time.  I love my weather station.  That said, I don't trust my weather station since batteries can fail.  As a result, I've got a $2.50 thermometer attached to a white resin patio chair that I drag to my sliding glass door when anything interesting is going on, like now.  It's a ni...um...jerry-rigged setup that, along with a coffee can partially buried in the ground, serves me well for extremes in temperature and rain.  We'll see the 20's tonight and lower tomorrow.  Love. It.

2.  My house makes the "best" list.  I have no heat in here other than some space heaters and, as of right now, 2:30 am, one big and one small one are holding the living room and my office at 64 degrees because of the way this place is built and the new windows I had put in when  I bought it.  Not too shabby.  Our bedrooms are colder since we don't run space heaters in there.  We just shut them off and bundle up for bed...it makes for great sleeping!  It's too cold for the fur babies, though, especially since two are old ladies and I turn the big space heater off at night.  I've spread  fuzzy blankets and throws on the couch and loveseat and they're all nesting into the fuzzy goodness together.  I di'nt raise no dumb felines.  Or boys.  But that's a different story.

3.  We've been sipping on a huge batch of pumpkin curry soup all day and mmmm!  If anyone wants the recipe, let me know but you have to love pumpkin and curry, or it's useless.  Personally, I'm not happy if I can't smell curry in the house.  I swear, my last name should have been Patel.

4.  Jake and I have not left the house today but just had the best time.  He's planning a new hairstyle, so we started the process with some crap to get the hot pink and purple out of his bleached parts.  This means I do it for him...good times and it's an extremely cool hairstyle he's getting!   Good enough that I wish I were young enough to get it, too.  :-)    I got to hear his newest song and lord have mercy,  he's doing great in school so he's been busy with that and we've had no "gentle reminder" phone calls in ages.  Basically, it's pure peace around here... laughing, eating, sharing, teasing, talking and debating.  We had one snippy incident that was totally my fault because I was pissy about something else and took it out on him. I apologized.  He laughed and said it was fine and asked who pissed me off.  That led to a fun-as-hell discussion of people with issues which finally led to a discussion of midgets, as it invariably does.  Life around here is chilly and hot liquid-y and very, very good!


1.  My tolerance of stupidity is low.  Still.  Always.  Forever.  I can stand dumb people who own being dumb and, in fact, embrace them since they are never as dumb as they think they are if they're able to realize this about themselves. But stupidity ?  Is intolerable.  The saying that stupid people shouldn't breed?  Ought to be taught in school and in remedial classes to those who really need it.  It should later be required as a parenting class for all parents.  Credit can be given to those who can prove, annually, they are not stupid.  Just imagine what a better world this could be if it happened.

2.  I have no tolerance for bullshit, especially coming from stupid  people (see above) who present themselves with rudeness and condescension.  Disagreeing is good.  Both sides can learn from that when done respectfully and a resulting respectful discussion ensues.  Foolishness and lack of seeing one's own failings is not good when engaged in a logical, intelligent discussion.  Do that and I?  Step back and obsess over Farmville so that my fingers and tongue don't work in unison.  I have farmed heartily today.

3.  My camera isn't working right or I'd show you this "worst".  Since all my space heaters are old as the hills, I went and bought two new ones a couple of days ago. One for large rooms, painfully expensive, and one for small rooms.  The latter?  Malfunctioned almost immediately and melted the plug on the heater cord, as well as the outlet cover, the wiring inside the wall and sent burn marks up my wall.  I had no clue this was going on except I noticed that my little constantly-nervous-as-hell-once-feral boy cat, Tucker, kept going to that outlet area (just barely out of my sight) and then running to me and saying "maaaaaaaaaaa", the sound he makes when he wants me to pick him up and comfort him when he's scared.  Only when I picked him up, he squiggled to get down and ran back to that outlet. Rinse and repeat.  I finally got up to look and discovered that we were about to have a major fire problem since I saw big sparking.  Tucker is a huge positive since he possibly saved our lives!  But the fact I have all the residual damage is still a negative. Bah. Be careful, y'all.  Those warnings about space heaters are founded in very real fact.

4.  The fact my camera isn't working is a huge worst on my list, as is the fact I have a good camera on my cell phone, a Samsung Behold, and I can't figure out how to get pictures off it but am ashamed to ask Jake (who has the same phone) how to do it since I can generally do techie stuff with ease.  I love my phone but it is smarter than I am...for now.

5.  My washer is leaking from underneath and this is not good news.  It is 14 years old and does a good 10-12  loads a week so my logical side knows it is time for it to be replaced.  My fiscally-sensitive side is screaming "noooooo", though, and says we can mop and it'll be fine.

There you have it - my life in 10 points.

It's nearly 4am.  I wonder if I've ever been bitten by a Tsetse fly.


Erin Lutz said...

Check your washer hoses, they may be dryrotted or need to be tightened.
Yay for Tucker; super hero cat

Deb in MD said...

Tucker the fire cat! Animals are amazing.

Sorry you have the issues going on, hope something lets up for you soon!

Robin in Montana said...

Boy, do I hear you on the stupid people thing. There should be some sort of test to see if a person needs to be put down due to stupidity. Don't mind me, I'm foul today.

And now I want that pumpkin curry soup. That stuff is like crack.

Kathleen said...

Way to save the humans, Tucker! I myself like butternut squash and sweet potato curry soup, MMMM.....

Kristin said...

Yes, stupid people and ignorant people...and people who don't reply to e-mails (kidding...but you do have an e-mail from me).

Yeah for Tucker and glad you are enjoying the planning of Jake's hairstyle...and you are never too old!


Can I have some soup? YUM

Shana said...

Way to go Tucker! I have no tolerance for stupidity either...ugh. There just isn't any excuse for it. It actually gets under my skin when I read a warning label on something that is just so damn obvious that hurts to read it. I mean come on! For them to put that warning there...someone along the way was dumb enough to do it!

belladonna1125 said...

I'm not even going to lie: I stopped reading after "pumpkin curry soup."

Recipe please.