Feb 16, 2010

Just not happy.

First off, I'm not happy with the new look of my blog and because I'm not, I never finished the redecorating.  It's not "me".  I mean it almost is but just isn't and I just don't like it. It's caused me to lose some enthusiasm about this place.  I need to work on that.  People might miss me...all 3 of them.

My second not happy thing is that I've lost the cord to upload pictures from my phone.  I had it.  I'm a neat and organized person.  Why can't I find this cord?

My third not happy thing is that in cleaning the litterboxes tonight, I found blood.  Three out of four of my cats use this one so how the hell am I supposed to know who has an issue?  I guess I'll be listening for covering noises and then running to check cat shit for the next few days.  Lovely.

My fourth not happy thing is that I'm about to have to get really ugly with the condition of Jake's bedroom and I hate, hate, hate getting ugly with people I love. It truly looks like something you'd see on Hoarders and I?  Am the one who strips closets out every few months and lists shit on craigslist.  I've bitched, I've whined, I've been logical, I've even cried.  I'm about to put a "one week or I will clean it myself and throw shit out mercilessly" ultimatum on it, something I hate to do for many reasons.  To beat all, this is the same son who volunteers to vacuum and mop the whole house, unloads the dishwasher on a word and cleans the bathroom on a hint, then asks what else he can do.  I just don't get it. 

My fifth not happy thing is that I understand there is a lot of turmoil among people I like, in a place I used to be a member of.  I hate that for many reasons. Again, I will say that anyone is free and most welcome to join in with us over on  Oopsie daisy...I said that?  I don't care where else a person posts or visits...it's not my business and there's not a reason in the world a person can't take part in the conversations at multiple places, if they wish.  It's an open blog with interesting, caring people...jump in!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring about a list of happier things.  Right now?  I think I might just aim for 5 things that I want to bitch about for the sheer fun of it.   :-D


Erin Lutz said...

I bet that bedroom is driving you batshit!

Kathleen said...

I'd miss ya, Ap.

I hope your kitties are ok, hopefully one just ate something with an edge and is done with the bleeding.

Keli said...

I hope you find out which kitty has the problem and that it is nothing serious. As for the 'bedroom', I will tell you what my son's therapist told me....is it a fire hazard, is it a health hazard, does he have anything of yours in that room...if the answer is NO, then shut the door and don't look. I am a very organized, clean person and it drove me crazy, but I shut the door and about two months later he cleaned it from top to bottom and it never got really bad again. Just an idea. Might work, might not.

Kristin said...

Oh no - I am so sorry about the kitty! I hope you figure it out soon b/c that would suck checking poop all.the.time.

No suggestions on Jake. My mom would just scream and holler at us but it didn't seem to do any good.

I really enjoyed the conversation yesterday! Good times and thank you!

Sarah said...

I wuv you. Is that a happier thing?

Tee said...

I wish I had some wisdom in regards to Jake's bedroom but I don't! Sorry that it's driving you crazy right now. It's funny that he'll gladly pitch in with the main housework but keeps his room pigpen style.

Poor kitty! I hope she/he is okay!

French Teacher said...

Rough day, I'm sorry.

I like your blog layout, though, even if it is orange :0)

Maybe Jake's clutter comforts him somehow. He seems eager to please you with help otherwise, though? I dunno, I try to meet problems with "well if this is the WORST thing that can happen....". Perspective, is I guess what I'm trying to say.

I hope you're feeling more positive, soon...