Mar 5, 2010

A sweet surprise from a sweet friend!

Awhile back, my friend Kristin, knowing how I love smell-good things, asked for my address.  Her sister sells Scentsy and she said she had some odds and ends she didn't care for that she would send me so I could try Scentsy products out.  Now, I'm none too proud when it comes to these things and was thrilled to get her oddsy-endsy stuff so I happily forked over my address.  Imagine my surprise when I get *this box in the mail today....not from Kristin but from Scentsy itself.

I ripped open the box with a pathetic amount of excitement and found something that really did touch me very much.  Kristin had actually taken the time, it now turns out, to ask a mutual friend, Robin what scents I'd like and ordered me some she knew I'd really enjoy!  To beat all, she also got me a plug-in tart warmer, something I've wanted so badly and just never justified getting for myself.   Here's my haul -  the cute as hell warmer still in the box, 3 *wonderful smelling tart packs and a scented tin that is already in my car!

She even managed to get me the one scent I've been most intrigued by!  It did not disappoint; I want to roll my naked body in this scent.  Oh, it's that good.

It took me all of about 3 minutes to get a chunk of it in my cute as hell plug-in warmer and I?  Am a very happy woman.  I've long wanted a warmer for my kitchen but counter space is limited and this is beyond perfect.  Plus, despite my bad photography skills, you can see how it also acts as a darn pretty!

Kristin, I know I've already thanked you by email but I wanted to do so here, again.  This was one of the nicest, sweetest things anyone has done for me "just because" in a very long time and it's appreciated more than you know.  I'm very lucky.  Thanks for being such a dear friend and caring enough to do this for me - it means more than I can say and Robin, thank you, too, for knowing what I like well enough to help her out with her big plan.   :-)

Lastly, since I can now vouch for Scentsy products, Kristin's sister is having free shipping on her Scentsy site.  Seriously, free shipping?  Now's the time to try this stuff if you've been wondering about it.  I think you have to send her an email with your order but the link to her email is on her site.  Just email her and she'll lead you through it.  And these plug-in warmers for small spaces?  Oh, yeah.  Trust me.  You need them!


Kristin said...

I'm glad you liked it!


Keli said...

What a great friend. And now that I know you like the products I will check out the sisters site!

Erin Lutz said...

That was so nice! I need to get a warmer too.

Christy said...

Wow...what a nice surprise!

Robin in Montana said...

I don't even *care what people say about Kristin, she's good people. ::nod:: :-D That was very sweet of you, Kristin!

I'm glad you liked the scents and I love that little warmer. I need to try some of the spring/summer scents. Kristin's sister sent me the same warmer, but in the dark red color, and I love it.

Tara. said...

What a great gift! Scentsy gave me headaches, but the scents were amazing, so I hope you enjoy them!

Tee said...

Wow! Kristin, that was such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do for Lisa! I love how you take the time to get to know what people like and then gift them with a "happy!"

Lisa, enjoy! I think it's really neat how the warmer acts as a night light. I also love the cover you have over your kitchen outlet!

The Queen of Chaos said...

I sell Scentsy and I love it!! So glad you are enjoying yours.