Apr 26, 2011

Miscellaneous crap.

I haven't checked my sitemeter in ages...until now.  Some searched terms that found me?
"Some really fuck up stuff"
"e-whoring Mafia Wars" (ftr, I don't play)
"maxine waters all look the same to me"

I'm proud of this assortment.  Also, someone from State Farm in Bloomington found me. *waves*  I don't think you're supposed to be reading my blog at work, but hey, we can keep it between us.  ;-) I hope you can forgive me for the fact I'm about to take my policies elsewhere.  It's nothing personal, mind you...it's all about saving money these days.  Didja see where Aegeon sold their reinsurance division to Scor?  That worries me a bit.  They had to sell out in order to repay Sweden (or is it Denmark?) back.  That tells me this isn't a particularly lucrative business anymore and that bodes ill for most everyone, if I'm right.

Here, I found this interesting.  I don't do anti-depressants but if you do, you might want to read this.  And cry.  Or whatever it is you do.  Antidepressants, OTC Painkillers Not a Good Combo - FoxNews.com  Ignore that it's from Fox News...as long as it's not political stuff, they can be trusted.

Lastly, do you live in the South?  If so, here you go.  It's helpful, really!  Southern Savers