May 2, 2011

Code name: "Geronimo"

That's the code name our government used for bin Laden, have you heard?  My initial reaction was fury...yep, fury.  How *dare they?  Geronimo was a good and decent man who did nothing more than defend his people against those who invaded the land of his people, determined to take that land at a cost of whatever death and destruction it required since those people were, after all, savages...of course, he fought back and that?  Makes him the bad guy.  Anytime we try to go in and take by force, or instill by force, our own desires, well...only bad guys fight us on that, dontcha know? We go in to people's homelands and kill, maim, steal but it's all in the interest of making the savages' lives better so it's a good thing...let them fight *back and they're bad guys, or terrorists.

Wait a minute...wait a damn minute here...maybe "Geronimo" wasn't such a bad name for bin Laden at all, now that I give it some thought.  Maybe it was just exactly *right, in fact.