Jul 8, 2011

Beatrice and her cloak of invisibility.

Today, Beatrice had a follow up. It's official, she definitely has herpes. In her eye. *sighs*  They say she was probably born with it.  Look at my poor, sweet baby...I dare you to not fall in love.

She has to wear her blankie every time we go and, in fact, wears it at home when she gets scared or is very tired. How sweet is she, though?  She just sits in her carrier the whole time, positive no one can see her.  :-)  She did perk up once, though...she heard plastic rustling and being opened.  She just knew she was getting a treat, since that's what the treat bag sounds like.

Sadly for Beatrice, it was actually the sound of a rectal thermometer being prepared.  I suppose some may find that to be a treat, but Bea does not.  At least she's off all but one drop, three times a day, but forever and ever, amen, I have to add some stuff to *all their food to help prevent spread and future outbreaks in Beatrice. I'm also to keep her non-stressed, since stress causes outbreaks...this for the nervous girl who wears a cloak of invisibility.  Ah, well, at least she didn't have cancer, although she would have rocked the one-eyed pirate look in her pirate ship.  Arrrrr!

I don't wanna talk about the Casey Anthony trial right now.  Bastards.


Erin said...

Oh Poor sweet Bea. It just kills me that she wears her blanky.
From how nicely she is sitting you would never know what a holy terror she is about her medicine!

KaytieJ said...

Aw, sweet beautiful Bea. Down to one med, but three times a day? Poor Bea and you.

Lisa, aka AP said...

Oh, man, she's *so good there. It's out of fear, but I'll take it! She won't come out of her carrier so we just take the top off and she lets them do anything with no complaint. She just hides in her blankie and trembles, lol. I figured these would tug at your heart, especially. :-)

Lisa, aka AP said...

Kaytie, we've been doing that one drop 3 times a day in addition to 4 drops of Systane and 2 applications of antibiotic ointment into her eye. That would be 9 times a day. These 3 drops now? Easy-peasy.

Shannon said...

Oh she is so precious poor thing. I can only imagine her horror and shock at thinking she was getting a treat and it was anything butt :)

Trudy said...

I like to hide under my blankie too.

I'm still speechless about the bastards.

Lisa, aka AP said...

Trudy, so do I...I think it's universal. And lolol, Shannon, anything butt is bad. In my opinion, anyway.

Trudy, I know. I *know. They just wanted to go home, didn't they?