Aug 19, 2011

Destination Unknown.

We all say we'll never be like our mothers, but then most of us turn out that way anyway.  I said it and meant it. I just sent Jake off on a spur of the moment road trip with friends.  They have no idea where all they're going or when they'll be back, only that one stop will be somewhere in Georgia since one friend wants to go back there to live.  The others, including my sweet son?  Will journey on to wherever a 12 year old Mercury Tracer and Facebook friends of friends with spare couches takes them.  I armed him with a Walmart bag containing rice chips, Vienna sausages, Little Debbies and plastic forks, plus made sure he has his ID, two types of phone chargers, Claritin, an "in case of emergency" card, insurance card and $50.  Adventures are fun, but I'm not funding them beyond some necessary money.  Oh, and I gave him instructions on how to find a Western Union, just in case.  Who knows where he'll go, what he'll see, and who he'll meet? How exciting, to just *go and see where the road takes you, though...what a cool thing to do.  Soon enough, he'll be at an age where responsibility looms large and doing things like this won't be possible, not with the same sense of freedom.  I just know it'll be a grand adventure, one I'm glad he can go on and one I wish my mom would have supported me going on at 19.  Between us, though, I'm so worried and nervous. 

It's a big, scary world out there and after all, he's still my baby.  *sighs*

Update:  Not an hour after he left, he texted to tell me they're still in town, tired, and may just start out in the morning...could I leave the door unlocked for him in case he comes in?  Lol, really?  Me and my friends would have slept in a rest stop 10 miles from home, just to not go home.  My son, he's obviously not a good adventurer.


Trudy said...

Sounds like a good time. Last part kinda reminds me of the movie The Jerk hitchhiking in front of the house all day. If he ever make's it out the front door tell him I said to have a great time.

Lisa, aka AP said...

Lol, Trudy, were you in the house with us? He was once again sitting here tonight, suitcase packed, watching for headlights in the driveway, when he gets word the entire trip is canceled. The kid who was moving up to GA, his dad squashed the plan by refusing to give him gas money. road trip. I doubt I'll ever see my Viennas and Little Debbies back, either.