Aug 29, 2009

It's up.

This is what we saw from the front yard at midnight, just now. There goes Discovery! If we'd not been too lazy to get the ladder out, we can see it lift off the pad from the roof. But, living here, that's sort of a BTDT and the ladder is a pain type of thing. Is it really awful I watch every one with a camera, in case it explodes? Yeah, okay, it probably is but I saw Challenger explode and was sorry I didn't get pictures. I don't hope they explode but it really was pretty exciting, especially how we all ran and took shelter as pieces rained down. That was sort of a high point of my life, looking back. Anyway, I grew up as a kid of the Apollo program. My dad and uncle worked on the Apollos and we lived directly across the river from the launch pads, so I grew up sitting at the kitchen table and watching rockets launch out the back door. Having lived that, it takes something exploding to get me excited. So,'s up. No one was killed. Uneventful, but purty. :-)


Cat said...

"death is as natural as birth, celebrate it."

I saw your comment somewhere else. I came from a very dear friend's mothers funeral this afternoon. She died quickly in a tragic accident when her car was hit by a drunk driver, but she was living her dream, pursuing her passions, and giving to others. She had no tact at all, was very direct, but extremely passionate about education and programs. I felt like it was a gift to be at her funeral today and see that she accomplished so many things in spite of such deep character flaws. She found the people who loved her, passed on the others, and accomplished some great things in a short amount of time. Your comment really stood out to me today since life and death has been something I've been thinking about all day. Her death is sad, but I certainly felt the celebration of her life. I think it was Thomas A Kempis who said "Live every day like you last day and your last day like every other day."

Anemone Pie said...

Cat, I am so sorry to hear about your friend's mother...she sounds like she was a great lady who left this world a far better place for having been here. I believe a soul like hers was just urgently needed elsewhere now. Am I right? Who knows, but I like to think so. :-)