Aug 31, 2009

Um...I'm sorry?

So, this morning I'm going about my normal routine, which includes scooping both litter boxes. I give a hearty scoop or two in one and I spot something that looks...wrong. Now, look, I've found some fancy things in the litter boxes - plastic beads, Christmas tinsel, rubber bands, Easter egg grass (purple, if it matters) and foil immediately come to mind - but this? Was interesting and looked oddly, sadly familiar. Since I lead a quiet, non-eventful life and this might be something exciting, I did the normal thing and ran for the camera. You know, to document what one of my cats shit out.

This is the first sign of trouble.

I dug a little more and felt bad.
They're supposed to bring good luck to a house, you know.

But this one had some bad, bad luck.

Yes, I know. I've just shown the world pictures of my cats' shit and a partially digested lizard. It could be worse...I could tell you about the time I vomited up green beans when I was 7 and when she was cleaning it up, my mom found a lizard in it. ::nods::

That puts those pictures back into perspective, doesn't it?