Nov 24, 2009


I figured I'd share something positive, to try to overcome some of the negativity I've been feeling.  As you may know by now, I'm a craigslist addict.  It's like people watching on the internet...such fun!  Very late last night I ran across an ad for a lost dog that was, weirdly, posted in the "wanted" section.  A bit later, I found an ad for a dog matching the description, and in the same area, in the lost and found section.  Figuring I got lucky, I emailed both parties, referencing the ads of the other.  Sure enough, I managed to reunite a lost Jack Russell terrier with its owner.  I don't even like JR terriers but this made me very, very happy.  Probably not as happy as it made the person who found the yappy little bastard, though.

Miss Arse has had a stomach virus that had me concerned for a couple of days.  At 81, anything can kill you.  She called me tonight to tell me she ate some scrambled eggs and toast and "didn't puke her guts up."   Well,

I am learning to let my son go.  I know, I know, that sounds weird to be a positive thing but we have an unusually close bond and it's been hard for me to accept that he is 18, an adult.  This trip he made to Ben's has been good for me.  I realize it's broken a lot of the mother/child bond and I'm okay-ish with him being grown and making his own decisions, even when I think that they are stupid decisions. It's on him now, at least to a great degree.  Some of the nervous, chest-twisting concern has let up because while I love him no less, I know it's out of my hands now.  I accept that he is like me and is going to have to royally fuck up a few times before he gets it all figured out.  The difference between me and my folks?  Will make all the difference in the world, I hope, since I accept this as part of his life and will not permanently judge him for it.

Lastly, I leave you with Huston Smith and more


FalkFamily said...

Your post was wonderful and the CNN story moved me. Thank you.

Erin Lutz said...

I tagged you.
My boy is almost 18. Hard to let them make stupid decisions, and learn their lessons. Glad those eggs stayed down! Ha..I thought I was the only craiglist junkie!! I always looked through the pets trying to reunite. And some of the other ads just make me laugh. There are a lot of stupid people out there!!! My fav was an ad for a "Black Rod Iron Table." :)

Jae said...

Great story, AP! Love happy reunions!

Glad Ms. Arse is feeling better too. Hopefully she'll be feeling even better by Thanksgiving.

It's hard to let them go - especially when you've been close, as you and Jake are. But I think you've got a really healthy attitude about it and he sounds like a really neat young man.


What a great story reuniting the dog with its owner. I can't imagine that happens that often. I dread the day my sons turn 18. It must be so hard to let go. I have a bad feeling I won't be good at that...sigh.

Anemone Pie said...

Erin, off to check the tag right now and thanks to you and FF, too! Also, black rod iron? Lol...sounds like a vibrator.

Jae, Jake is...unique. I appreciate that but I suspect a lot of parents may not. And Miss Arse is fone tonight. She's a tough old bird. ;-)

MLWB, the older they get, the more our brains accept what is coming, I think. Plus, you don't have t let go all at once and that really helps a lot.

heather said...

how kind of you to actually take the time to notice about the dogs and make the calls to reunite!

and i am so not looking forward to the teen years. i liked it better when i had mine brainwashed that college was just an extension of school and mandatory. i'm already hearing the "well when i'm 18, i'm going to..."

Karen said...

We lost a dog one time, and actually had someone contact me through our craiglist post saying that she was lost offering to go out right then and there and look for her - at 1 am - with a friend, because they are animal lovers. and she did - that night and the next day - we found her by contacting a vet near where she was lost - and they had her - someone had brought her in! We were in the process of finding her a new home, since we were moving - and the "new owner" is the one that lost her ... needless to say we didn't give her back to that "new" owner - we found a "new new" owner and she is happy now!

Letting go of grown children is HARD! You work so hard to raise them right - and all you can do is hope that most of what you tried to teach them sticks - but its hard!!! That little trip he took was a good warm up for both of you!

Kristin said...

That is awesome that you put 2 and 2 together and reunited the dog.

I simply can't imagine what it will be like at 18 or whenever, to "let go" of my Little man. Can we just leave them little?

Glad too that Mrs. Arse is feeling better.

heather said...

i've been meaning to come back and tell you this for days now...i had never heard of huston smith before your links. which i really enjoyed by the way.

then he came up again in another place and finally a 3rd time in a book i was reading. i've heard that when something comes up 3 times, you have to listen! so i'm putting his book about the world's religions on my reading list!

by the way, have you ever read any of sylvia browne's books? i never watched her much-just knew she was a famous psychic. a few months ago, i decided to read one of her books. felt like reading a neat psychic and ghost story type of book. just out of the blue.

well i enjoyed that one and read another and another and another. i can't stop reading them! they are so much more than psychic/ghost stories. all of the spiritual books are awesome. she was the one who mentioned huston smith in her book. it is amazing because there are so many random thoughts in my mind about life, death, God, Jesus, religions, etc. and i've never heard anyone mention things in the way i think of them. but sylvia has mentioned so many of them it's uncanny.

anyway, if you ever need a good book to read, really pick just about any of hers. i've not been disappointed yet.

and thank you for sharing huston smith!