Feb 5, 2010

Oddsy-endsy stuff.

The first thing I want to do is to say I've loved seeing some faces pop up here that I'd hate losing touch with.  That's made me smile more than a few times and it's very much appreciated.  A few don't have blogs and I don't have your emails so, please, please feel free to email me at anemonepie at yahoo dot com and keep in touch, if you'd like...any of you. 

Next thing?  I'm going to revamp this place and so some odd shit might be going on for the next few days.  I might even make it private for a day or two but it won't be for more than that.  I'm just tired of how it looks, have some dead links that need cleaned up and hell, I just want to redecorate.  I figured I'd give a warning, though.  I might even have something else up my sleeve...  ;-)

Lastly, I was cleaning out some photos on the computer  bit ago  and found this one.  I took it at Christmas and the pictures you see there?  I did in high school.  Now, I'm no artistic genius but I figured I'd show them so that when I say I consider myself to be an artist, y'all know I have a little something to back it up with.

The one to the left was my first attempt at using pastels.  It's unfinished, but I sort of like it that way.  The one to the right is Johnny Rotten.  Yes, I have Johnny Rotten on my dining room wall because that's how I roll.  *chuckles*  That one is done in pen and ink and all in dots.  Nothing but dots. There's not a solid line to be found. All those times I've said I can be anal?  Take me seriously.  And is it making me nuts that I see they are hanging crooked?  Why, yes, yes it is.  Please ignore that.

Alrighty, everyone, have a lovely Friday and be safe.   Don't do anything  I wouldn't do!


Cheryl said...

Hi AP - wish I could see your art work close up. At first I thought they were photographs, then you said pastels, so now you know how well I think you draw! Don't disappear!

Southern Woman said...

Lord have mercy, AP! I'm not worthy! Are you kidding me? Those are crazy good!

I am completely in awe.


Trudy said...

I also wish i could see them up close. They look awesome. I tried painting and i'm not good. My daughter has done some great stuff. I'll stick to baking and jewelry. Have a great day!

Suze said...

AP these are GREAT! You have some terrific talent girl! Hope you find your paiting/drawing mojo and hit the canvas again. Stay safe today as it looks like we are having some hateful weather today. Already reports of coastal flooding and tornadic activity on our coast. Had good news just now..2nd birth mom located and safe. Kids out of school so they know and we are rejoicing in our hood! :)

Trudy said...

Hey Check out my blog! Thank you.

CK said...

I guess that leaves the door open for us to do pretty much anything then, doesn't it.

Anemone Pie said...

Oh, look - CK is a smartass. ;-)

Thanks for the compliments on my artwork - that makes me feel good! I'll try to get some decent up-close pictures of those in the next few days. The ink dot one will leave you all wondering what the hell drug I was on.

Sue said...


Miss you! LOVE the new look of your blog. Please feel free to come visit me on my blog that I never update anymore :)