Feb 4, 2010

On to happier things...shopping!

When one of us is in crabby mood, we both find solace in having a "let's go buy junk" spree.  We'd not done it in maybe a year so yesterday was the perfect day.  It involves picking a fun store, usually one that involves food, and basically buying anything we want within a reasonable limit, then eating at a fun place...yesterday was CiCi's Pizza.  So, we chose a place we'd never been to shop, World Market.  I have a new favorite store.  It isn't a big place, at least the one closest to us isn't, but I think I loved every single aisle and every item on every single aisle.  Jake wasn't far behind me in that.  The rule was, dump anything you want into the cart and then we'll stop and reassess each item at the end.  Two hours later, a few things went back on the shelf and $75 later, this is what we came home with.

Oh, my...there are bruschetta and spicy Thai chips, Ramune and assorted Japanese candies and snacks for Jake, tins of my beloved ginger Altoids for me, a big bottle of sweet chili sauce, gnocchi, a bottle of key lime seasoning I'm anxious to try on fish, two tins of pate' (lobster and salmon) that we thought would be fun to try (we had the lobster one with crackers and boiled eggs for lunch...yum!), some assorted Indian spice mixes, a couple of bars of lime and basil scented soap and, most importantly for me?  New perfume.
I love it.  I mean I really sort of lust-for-it love it...it smells like jasmine incense.  Mmmm!  I'm a perfume whore but the last one I had this kind of strong reaction to was Jennifer Lopez' Miami Glow, which is basically Beach In A Bottle.  Years later, I still wear it and I could just roll in this Indian Champa scent, it's so me.  At $15 for a 1.6 ounce bottle, I made a major score.  Other major scores include our chocolate find.  Now, I'm not a sweet or candy eater but I love dark chocolate once in awhile.  We came home with these and my choices were the Chili & Lime Dark Chocolate and the one with sea salt.  The Chili & Lime one is now gone, with me eating 3/4 of it and Jake grudgingly getting the other 1/4.  It was, hands down, the most amazing candy I've ever had.  Dark, slightly bitter chocolate, sweet but bitter lime and the heat of chili to linger...perfect stuff.  Candy cannot possibly get better than this.
On a cute note, it was a chilly and rainy day so I threw some soft things and quilts out for the cats before we left.  When we came home, we found a rare occurrence - all four cats tolerating one another on one piece of furniture. 
Bottom left to right is not quite 2 year old Tucker, the only boy and the little feral guy who saved us from the space heater disaster.  Curled together are my old ladies, litter sisters, who will be 17 in August, Gina and Ginger.  Up top is the queen of the house, almost 5 year old Beatrice, the casserole cat. I love 'em...lots. But, I love my kid more.  He got to feeling headachy as the night went on and I was dozing in my recliner after Lost.  When I woke up I found this in my bed because it seems that even when you're 18, if you don't feel good, you want to sleep in your mom's bed. 
I love him more than all the perfume, chocolate, Altoids and cats, combined and multiplied a million times over.  It's a good thing I have a comfortable recliner and oh, yeah, that's my bedroom.  Wooo.  :-)


Cheryl said...

AP - you found my favorite store - I love that place. Let me know how the chocolate is. I keep eyeing it but haven't bought it yet. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Anemone Pie said...

Cheryl, the Lime & Chili chocolate is amazing. As of 10 minutes ago, he tried the green tea and honey one and loved it. I tried it and it was too subtle and milk-chocolate-y for me, although I could definitely taste the green tea and honey. I just don't care for milk chocolate. It's too sweet for me. I say you try at least one you think you'll like and I think you'll be happy!

How have I never heard of this store before? And he's fine, I think it was his sinuses. Thanks!

The Sandgroper said...

That looks like my kinda store!! Dark Chilli Chocolate is the best, anything spicy is great really. Now I need to see if I can find me some Wasabi rice crackers!! I hope your not so little man feels better soon, he looks pretty zonked.

Suze said...

Shopping is like a balm for the soul! Looks like we don't have Market World on my side of the state. Will have to plan a road trip one weekend soon to Winter Garden. I love those cats! They are so sweet all sleeping together. I wanted just to sit down with them and snooze! Hope J is feeling better after his nap. My oldest is 17 and she still think she needs to sleep in my bed sometimes when she is sick. Have a good weekend. Super bowl plans?

Jae said...

Oooohhhh...sounds like a good day, except for the kiddo not feeling well.

As for the other stuff, I dunno what to say, AP. I miss you and hope you'll stay in touch. Really really.

Trudy said...

Oh AP how fun. My dream day would be to go to Joannes or hobby lobby and just put all the beads and stuff i wanted in my cart. Makes me smile to just think of it.

I so want casserole cat. My cat is a bitch and only will cuddle maybe once a month. Tell Jake to feel better soon. I also loved to lay in my parents bed. I miss you.

Trudy said...

ummm is jake sporting a tail or is that a cat in bed with him. lol

Nikki B. said...

hilarious seeing that big, hairy legged boy curled up in mom's bed. good to know, as mine will be a hairy legged one very soon!!

that shopping trip sounds like a blast!

Keli said...

I love World Market. I got there sometimes and just wander around and look at all the good things I would buy if I were going to splurge.

I think it is wonderful that your son still needs his mom when he is sick. I remember getting a phone call from my daughter when she was about 25 saying "Mom, I am sick and I need you to take care of me". I had to laugh, but it felt so good to still be needed by an adult child.

Southern Woman said...

Yay! I love everything about your post! The shopping spree, the chocolate, the KITTIES! It's official, I'm moving in!



Kristin said...

LOVE the kitties - the black and white ones look like my Kuddles Kitty (RIP).

I love World Market but don't have one close by! Looks like you scored!

Hope Jake is feeling better soon and like how he still likes to curl up in mommies room.

Take care!

Corinne said...

I *so want to taste that chocolate!
I love, love dark chocolate. It's the best =)

I hope Jake feels better soon!

FalkFamily said...

The spicy Thai Kettle Chips are *the best. They make Kettle Chips not far from where I grew up and their Sea Salt and Vinegar ones are yummy, too. And let us know how the key lime seasoning tastes. It sounds delicious on fish.

Robin in Montana said...

I LOVE World Market, although obviously there isn't one within a million miles of here. My most favorite "eclectic" (because it totally doesn't fit the rest of my theme in my house is a greenish-blue Eiffel Tower bottle, over a foot tall, that I have a booze spout on and use for my dish soap. I love their glass and kitchenware stuff.

CK said...

Lovin' how much you love your son.

Kitty picture is sweeeeeet.

My DIL drinks Ramune.

belladonna1125 said...

I love World Market, and I doubly love how much you love your son. :)

Anemone Pie said...

I can't believe so many of you knew about World Market and never told me!

Suze, I'm not sure it's worth the drive for you just for this but maybe you can find some other places to go in the area because I think you'd love it.

SW, I thought I was moving to your place? Hmmmm.

Trudy, that's not a tail...lol...those are his pants. Apparently he went in with them on and then took them off in bed at some point. I would not, however, put a tail past him.

Shoot, I'll write a novel if I respond to everyone but it's so darn nice to see so many friendly faces...thank you. :-)

Erin Lutz said...

Looks like a good haul! I love it when all the kitties end up together. It happens once in a blue moon here. Big boys are so sad when they are sick :(