May 20, 2011

Goodbye, Gina Marie.

You were part of our family for nearly 19 years, but today, it was time for you to leave us.

I remember the first day we brought you and your sister home...I'd only wanted one kitten and insisted she be a calico.  I finally found your sister at the SPCA and she was so darn attached to you, that I couldn't split the two of you up.  They warned me you were sickly and might not live long...they didn't even charge for you.  You looked kind of rough, but you came home with us, too.

It took 2 weeks to get your eye cleared up and opened and another 6 weeks to get you over a bad intestinal infection. That was such fun for us all...only not. But your sister loved you and obviously, so did your new daddy.  This is how the 3 of you slept all night, that first night. I was glad your sister was happy.

As time passed, we realized you were going to live and that whole free cat thing?  Yeah, not so much, nearly $1000 in vet bills later. But it was were part of the family by then, and your sister loved you.

Although I was always your favorite person, you would worry when Jake was sick and stick right by him until he was better.  Then you'd resume your attempts to smother me in my sleep so I could be yours forever and ever. Even today, when I held you, you wanted to lay on my face and lick me.  Everyone called you Velcro Gina because of how you'd launch yourself onto me and were an annoying thing but I secretly liked it.

You and your sister helped to homeschool Jake when I had to work.  I never told you how much I appreciated the help, but I did.

You turned out to be my adventurous, fearless baby, much to my place was too high, too scary, too far for you to explore and make your own. You learned how to get up there when the others couldn't and you were the one who learned to push the screens out of the windows so you could go hang in the backyard with the dog.  You had no fear of a gigantic Rottweiler, but he?  Was your slave, mostly because you scared him with your braveness. 

And for all my bitching and moaning about you and your whiny, weird, velcro ways, I love you very much and I'll miss you.  You were part of my life for nearly half of it and Jake doesn't remember a time without you in his.  

But today, you were just so tired and your poor little stinky ears hurt so badly, we knew we had to stop putting it off and do the right thing for you.  So, goodbye, my sweet little Gina Lemon Verbena and thank you for being ours. *sighs* Your sister misses you tonight and is trying to find you. Take care of her, okay? 

Love always, Mama


Trudy said...

I'm so sorry...

Lisa, aka AP said...

Thanks, Trudy. And it's not too late...want me to go get her and try baking her?

Lisa, aka AP said...

*loves inappropriate humor*

Erin said...

Laughter through tears...that is the way to go. But no baking please.

I am so sorry for you and Jake. It is so hard to lose a family member.

Trudy said...

Thanks, Trudy. And it's not too late...want me to go get her and try baking her?
I know it's sad but you just made my morning with that comment. Try to have a great day and tell Jake i'm sorry for his loss.

kristin said...

Sorry for your loss Lisa.

lol @ baking

She looks like my Kuddles Kitty. She had no fear either and took on two German Sheperds - she was in rough shape and I too had to put her down.

My heart hurts for you - you are an awesome kitty momma - and human momma too :)

Sorry Jake is upset about it too.

Jeanette said...

Aww, I'm not a cat person at all but this made me cry a little. I'm so sorry Lisa, and please tell Jake I'm sorry for him, too. I even feel sorry for her sister, I hate the thought of her looking around wondering where her sister ran off to. So sad.

I think I said this in my email, but you and Jake should both take some comfort in knowing that by letting her go, you were ending her pain. That is truly the best thing you could have done for her.

Lots of love to you my friend, while you adjust to not having her around.

Lisa, aka AP said...

Thanks, was spent cleaning up Gina-debris. Long story short, her ears were full of tumors that had spread into her sinuses and throat. We knew about the ears, since we could see the tumors. They aggravated her, so she'd scratch, fling her head and leave splatters of bloody stuff and tumor goo all over everything. Every. Thing. I stopped even trying to clean it up a short bit ago since it happened a couple of times a day and knowing what we needed to do with her soon. I was worn out fighting a losing battle of keeping things in her little areas clean. So today was spent scrubbing walls, steam cleaning furniture, washing curtains, etc. It felt good to do it and reclaim my clean house. Ginger, her sister, is still trying to find her but as of tonight, seems to be relaxing some, thankfully. I really appreciate the kind words and all...thank you.

suz said...

I read this over the weekend on my phone through reader but could not comment on my phone.
I just wanted to say sorry,I know how hard that was even though it was right. I had to let go of one of my dogs in January, he had lymphoma, he was 9..did not even make 10 years. That is what I like about cats, it seems they have long life spans.
Hope her sister is getting used to her not being there. I believe our pets leave a little of themselves in our hearts forever and I am sure she left a piece of herself with you and Jake.

Heather said...

I'm sorry. I know it's got to be hard now, a piece of you missing. I lost my best kitty man, Ferris, this year and he was going on 19, too. I got him when he was 5 weeks old. Your sweetheart sounds a lot like mine. Just try to take comfort in knowing that Gina Marie had a long happy life with you and Jake. Lots of love to you both.