May 24, 2011

Trial watching - Casey Anthony.


I'm obsessed with this case...I have been since the outset and I have no shame in it.  I was obesessed with the OJ trial, but not so much the case itself.  For the record, I think he was guilty as hell, but had I been on the jury, I'd have been forced to find him not guilty, as well.  Next was the Jon-Benet Ramsey case.  One of my first real experiences on the internet was joining my aunt and cousins, along with my mom, on a mIRC chat called Cybersleuths, which was heavily devoted to the Jon-Benet Ramsey case. So, yeah, me and mysterious criminal cases?  Love 'em.  This case has the best of it all, plus it occurred relatively close to me, so even our local media is full of coverage.  That being the case, I'm hoping at least a few of you are also watching the trial and up for discussing it with me, sometimes maybe daily, other times, maybe not.  I'll try it for a day or so and see how it goes, see if anyone else wants to talk about it and exchange theories and thoughts.  That all said...

DID YOU SEE IT TODAY?   Damn.  I was expecting the pool story, the rumor has been floating around, pardon my pun, for awhile now and the rumor/hints of sexual abuse have, too.  But somehow, hearing it said out loud in a courtroom was surreal and shocking. As I've processed it all, I have to admit Jose Baez put on a good opening statement. I went into this with a fairly open mind, believing that Casey definitely was involved in Caylee's death, but that it could well have been an accident. Today, I still think this. I don't believe she committed first degree murder; I still believe it was a bad, bad negligent accident and she handled the aftermath beyond poorly.

Do I believe George molested Casey?  No, I really don't, although my mind is open to being proven wrong on that.  I do think Casey's brother, Lee, may back her story up...I think he loves his sister enough to sell George under the bus in order to try to protect Casey, particularly since it's not like George faces any criminal charges.  Let's see...the loss of Dad's dignity and reputation versus the loss of Sister's life?  Yeah, I think Lee is going to back the defense's story up and try to save his sister.  And actually, I'm not sure George and Cindy won't do the same, albeit in a more subtle manner.  Wouldn't many parents sacrifice their reputation for their child who they genuinely feel is innocent of anything but negligence and mishandling in their grandchild's death, but who is facing death by lethal injection unless something is done to save her?  I would, for Jake, if I truly believed him.

As for Roy Kronk, I think he's basically an asshole, but I think the defense looked plainly ridiculous in trying to incriminate him in anything much.  Roy's girlfriend was a jail employee who came into contact with inmates  when Casey was first jailed.  That's the only coincidence I have much faith in.  I suspect she heard Casey tell someone, possibly Baez, where Caylee's body was, then, knowing boyfriend Roy was a meter reader who walked that area and that he was in arrears in child support, rushed home saying, "Roy, guess what I heard?   I know how you might be able to get money!"  The shortest distance between two points is always a single line and in this situation, Roy's girlfriend seems to me to be the shortest line. I have any fellow watchers?  If so, please join in and let's discuss the crap out of it!


Trudy said...

I'm watching.. It didn't start out good at 10 till nine i figured i better go pee so i didn't miss anything. On my way to the bathroom i caught my little toe (wee-wee-wee all the way home one) on the fuckin foot stool. I hit it so hard it took the wind out of me, after saying every word that you can say with fuck i went to pee and came back to my chair. I watch the trial as i watch my foot turn purple. So while doing all this i'm also getting ready to fix Turkey dinner with all the trimmings for 10 people for dinner. Called my doc he said come into after hours. So after dinner was done i went into after hours to get a x-ray and sure enough it broke it in 2 places. Now i'm sportin a lovely boot thing. Good news is i have a excuse to sit and watch the trial for 4 weeks. I think the whole family is messed up and i thought she was guilty until today and Jose really got me thinking. I about puked on his commit about her being 13 and going to school after having her dads penis in her mouth. I can't believe George just sat stoned faced after that.

Jeanette said...

I can't watch, it isn't on any of my channels. But I do follow along with what is going on, so I love that you are going to host discussions about it.

I don't think for a minute that George abused Casey. But I agree with you on that if they think it will save her, they will go along with letting everyone think that.

I am still disgusted by the fact that she was out partying during the time the little girl was "missing." That tells me all I need to know. Even if she were innocent, she would have been distraught with worry over her daughter. But she knew her daughter was dead, and that she was responsible... accident or not. And she was out partying. No remorse. No shame. And, from what I've seen in clips of the trial, she still doesn't look very remorseful to me.

I wasn't prepared for "discussion" today, so I'll come better prepared next time, haha. But for now, those are my thoughts.

Melissa said...

How am I able to live in Central Florida and not have any clue about what's going on? I have no idea! But, I'm interested enough now to try to get caught up. I'd be willing to join the discussion anytime!

Lisa, aka AP said...

Melissa, seriously, you don't? That really shocks me since all the local news stations have been inundated with the story since it happened! For anyone who has cable, TRU TV (was Court TV) is carrying it daily until 3pm, eastern. I *think HLN (Headline News) is also carrying it live. (local Orlando station) is carrying a live feed daily for anyone who needs to watch online. I believe there's a banner on the top of their home page. Melissa, it's a mind-boggling mystery, really...fascinating!

Trudy, I hope your toe is going to be okay. And yeah, they had me momentarily eying George, too, although I've always liked him. But once I sat and thought on it awhile, I think George is innocent of molesting her.

Jeanette, try the link to watch it..hopefully that works for you. Hmmm, I think is also carrying a live feed, come to think of it.

Today was interesting on a personal level in that Jake is obsessed, too, and it turns out, knows one of the witnesses, Nathan Lenkowicz or something like that. They aren't friends, but their bands have played together a few times. Small world. I find it interesting her friends were in and around her car following the date of Caylee's death, yet no one smelled anything and she didn't seem worried about them being in and around the car. That leads me to believe the body was put/buried somewhere else for a short time, then retrieved after decomposition really set in and transported in her trunk. I find it interesting, too, that the defense didn't address what happened after they got her body out of the pool. Sneaky feeling says Lee (her brother) may have some answers to these things, truthful or not. I hope so...this is nagging at me. Anyone else have any questions that nag at them?

Trudy said...

I think i might like George.

Lisa, aka AP said...

I like George...faults, weaknesses, flaws and all, I do. I think he's a somewhat emotionally weak man, I think he might have had the affair looking for some comfort, and I think he's a dreamer, always looking for that pot of fast gold. But if I find out he really is a molester, I may have some mental issues to deal with. *am on Team George*

Today was wild..,George held his own against Jose quite well, though, and showed he doesn't have abnormal anger issues. I'm a patient person, doormat-y, even, and I'd have been far less polite to Jose than George was today and that makes me sad since I actually like Jose a lot but he was an asshole today. And Chaney Mason, in his single moment, was the Asshole King.

Tomorrow should be good...we get to hear more from Tony Lazzaro (JBP pronunciation: Lassario) about the abuse thing. And I'm hoping we hear from Lee Anthony.

Who wants to take a shot every time JBP says "pacific", "wif" or "Anfony" instead of "specific", "with" or "Anthony"?

Lisa, aka AP said...

I can't do this in two places, obviously. Trial talk is now over on Daisy - you there!