Jun 8, 2011


It's after 4am, I was awake, Jake is here, but my phone rang and I nearly had a heart attack.  I saw it was my mom...heart attack number 2.  Is she sick or hurt?  No. She's upset as hell about this and can't sleep:  http://www.wftv.com/news/28144821/detail.html  She wanted to know if we could find out if we could volunteer with Food Not Bombs and, if so, go help.  Really?  My hard-ass conservative mom?  I mentioned we might get arrested and she was fine with that, said it would feel good to take a real stand and at least people get fed in jail.  I'll be damned. But, I'm with her...I can handle a criminal record for this.  "Why were you arrested?"  "Oh, I fed some homeless people even though it was against the law."  Yeah, fuck *that, bring it on.  So, I'm going to find out if they can use us and if so, we might wind up on the news, lol.  For real, though, I love my mom for this...this story has been weighing on me, too.  It should never, *ever be illegal to feed people who are hungry.

I get why people don't like large groups of homeless people gathering up.  They smell bad, pick-pocketing is rampant, drug sales occur, other crimes can take place...they panhandle, they accost, they can be scary.  I get it, really.  But in the end, they are still people, human beings, and they are hungry. Who in the hell has the right, and who *gave them the right, to tell me or anyone else we can't give something as basic as *food to hungry people, regardless of their numbers, circumstances or location?  Food, and forgive my liberal-ass self for suddenly emerging here, is a human right to have as long as someone is capable of voluntarily giving it.  To arrest people for providing food to hungry people because they want to and can?  Boggles my mind.  It really does.  How shameful in America.  It is, it's just shameful.

If you want more info, please go and help if you can. Lord knows I have no trouble asking people for money to help others, lol, so if you can, even a dollar helps.  See?  http://www.foodnotbombs.net/dollar_for_peace.html

Arresting people for feeding the hungry, my ass.  I don't think our founding fathers *or God would like that, do you?