Nov 1, 2011

It's November 1st!

Today is a memorable day in my own history.  11 years ago and 2 hours from now is when I first found out my now ex-husband was a drug addict.  Although we were separated and he was living at our office/house, we were talking about trying to stay together and had had a lovely night taking Jake and his friends trick or treating.  He said he had to get back to the office to work, I left Jake at my mom's and went home to sleep.  For the record, I, too, had dressed up for Halloween and was so tired that I went to sleep with part of my costume still on.  I was a gothic fairy, lolol. At around 2am, I was awakened by a deputy at my door, who proceeded to turn my world more upside down than I ever thought possible. I still wore glitter, a fake tattoo on my forehead and left the house wearing no shoes...just sparkly socks. In hindsight and with the help of a couple of wonderful and caring deputies who knew I was clueless and were very good to me, it was the night I really woke my ass up and regained control over my own life.  It's a tough but very good anniversary.  :-)

So, enough of that stuff, let's talk Christmas! I'm a bargain hunter and love finding odd, unusual gifts for people I love.  I also love a good deal in general...who doesn't?  So,  from now until Christmas or shortly thereafter, I'm going to post any deals I find interesting and hope they help someone else.  Now, a few things you should know:

1. I use no affiliate links so feel free to click and know I get nothing out of this.  I'm just doing it for fun and to maybe be a bit helpful.

2. Most of the things I find will come from the Hot Deals forum. I love Slickdeals and recommend you go check it all out...lots of good stuff to be found on the Hot Deals forum, though.  Feel free to ignore me and just bookmark it, then check it yourself a couple of times a day.  :-)

3.  Always be sure to check for rebates on things you buy.  There are some other rebate sites, but I really like best.  If you shop online a lot, you'd be surprised at how these rebates can add up!  Also, don't buy without looking for a coupon code.  My favorite spot is but you can always google, for example, " coupon codes" and try other sites.  If I know of any coupons in what I post, I'll include them.

4.  Good deals often end quickly, so don't be shocked if it's gone.  Also, stores will sometimes oversell this close to Christmas and you'll get the dreaded cancellation notice a few days later.  It's not my fault, so don't bitch at me!

So, let's go.
Here's a cool clock...looks like it runs on water. Also says it's good for people with lazy eye, which is what "amblyopic" means. Who knew? Not sure how all this works, but it could be a good, cheap gift for the person who has everything or, alternately, a teacher. Or someone with a lazy eye.  I have a friend with that and I never know which eye I'm supposed to look at when I talk to her.  Anyway, here's a link to the could be fun or it could be some Asian person's way of laughing at us Westerners.  It's a crapshoot.  Oddly, I want this. Here's a link to the entire post so you can decide and do as it says.  Water Powered Hydroenergy Clock

Need a portable hard drive for yourself or a gift?  Here's a killer deal.  Seagate® FreeAgent® GoFlex™ 1TB Ultra-Portable Hard Drive Trust me, I shopped hard for these just a couple of months ago and it's good.  Again, I've added the link for the entire thread on the through it for info you may need first, before ordering. Looks like someone may have posted a deal for another one, too.  This one reminds me, sometimes you have to actually buy a coupon on eBay to get a good deal.  I've done this many's well worth $1 or so to save $25.  Just watch feedback for reputable places.

Does anyone still use checks?  Great deal here.  I only use checks to pay my lawn service and the local handyman, but I'm nearly out so I did this and got the ones with dragonflies.  It works fine!  
2 Boxes of Checks Wallet Duplicates for only $5.05!!

And lastly, here's some Pottery Barn Santa stuff that looks like it might be a good deal if you do this kind of thing.

G'night!  And yay, Christmas is coming!