Jan 7, 2012

Public Service Announcement!

Okay, it's official...I'm tired of this blog.  I'm not, however, necessarily tired of blogging, so, for those who might still read this, in the next few days (probably more like a week, knowing me), weird things may go on here and with stuff associated with this blog.  In fact, since I tend to start out with flourishes and wind up fucked, I can see how I might actually wind up accidentally deleting stuff on this blog, or possibly the whole blog, with some things I'm going to try to do.  If I manage to do such a thing and you don't want to take that opportunity to just be rid of me (which would make me very sad, but I'd live), I'll post updated info over on  oopsie daisy...i said that?.  If I get very lucky, I'm about to make a very deliberate change that hopefully will work and make it fun again.  ;-)

Happy New Year and I hope it's going to treat us all well! After all, come December 21, we may die.


Trudy said...


Ami said...

Sounds exciting! Or dangerous! Or... whatever... :) Hoping for more fun!

Margo said...

I'm hoping for some music and dancing - and/r sermons and half-slip wearing :)

Lisa said...

Lol, there will be half-slips all around, if I ever get my lazy self in gear!