Dec 19, 2009

Ha! I'm having a contest!

I've always wanted to do one of these and, while doing a little housekeeping (whaaaat? I'm all neat now and back to my normal, anal, housekeeping ways) I found a few items I had tucked away as gifts for unexpected events.  The thing is, we have no unexpected events anymore and these are very nice items just stored in a box.  I hate for them to waste away so I think I'll have a few little contests and gift them out.  Trust me, I have nothing as exciting as Lightroom *grins* but I do have a few things a mom who has been shopping for everyone but herself might enjoy getting.  So, let's have some fun, shall we?

My first contest ends midnight EST this Sunday (the 19th) night, so roughly 47 hours from this posting.  The prize is a 3.4 ounce bottle of Scaasi EPT spray, brand new and in the box so suitable for regifting, too!  It is described as:  "Launched by the design house of Scaasi in 1989, Scaasi is classified as a sharp, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of delicious greenery and citrus, with aromatic florals and woodsy base notes of vanilla and musk. It is recommended for casual wear."

It retails for around $35 so not a bad little prize for no more than you have to do to win.  What do you have to do, you ask?  Well, it's simple.  I've decided to show my face and based on what you know about me from the blog world, including my own blog, I'd like you to tell me what you think I look like in my comments.  In detail.  And don't be shy or politically correct, spare me no mercy.  If you think I'm obese, say so.  If you think I'm wrinkled and gray, same deal.  If you think I'm an emasculated and balding  man, go for it.  If you think I'm a supermodel, I will laugh at you but appreciate the thought.  "Bitch" isn't a physical description but hey, I'll disqualify no one!  Be honest and I'll be honest back...the one that comes closest, even if it is painful for me to admit, will win.  In the event of a tie, I'll wad names up on paper and toss them on the floor.  The one Beatrice (aka Casserole Cat) picks by batting it will win. 

Sound fair?  Then let's play!

Disclaimer or something:  Some of you know I'm close friends with Robin from Big Sky.  While, weirdly, I don't know that she's seen any recent pictures of me, I'm going to disqualify her in the interest of fairness and make it up to her later.  Lol...I've been known to mail good-smelling cleaning products to her, so she won't mind.   


♥Georgie♥ said...

I know there is no way i could possibly win BECAUSE I never am good at imagining what people look like but here goes

5' 7 ish
hair brownish possibly with red hints
eyes a light golden brown
a kind heart
and beautiful soul

Cheryl said...

Ha, I'm first - well AP when I read your comments this is what I picture - I know you are in your late forties, so obviously I don't think you are old. Middle age - yep, middle age sounds good. In your profile you say you are fat. I don't know what fat means to you but, since you say fat, I think you may just have a few pounds you don't like. I would guess that your hair is sort of short, and is a chestnut brown color. I know you were crocs, so I think you probably were t-shirts with shorts or jeans. Maybe about 5'2" tall and you wear glasses when you read.

As far as how I perceive you, tough on the outside with a huge kind heart! (not part of what you asked, but what I wanted to say.)

I started this and came back to it, so maybe I'm not first anymore - but pick me! I'll tweet and email, and tweet some more! I've never tweeted but I will! ha!

cupcake said...

Hi AP - Thanks for having a contest!

I'm going to guess:
Hair: Sandy brown, shoulder length
Eyes: brown
Complexion : fair
Height: 5'6"

Robin in Montana said...

Ha! while reading through the post, I was thinking, well, shoot, I'm a *shoo-in, since I have seen pics and we've talked in great detail about hair, clothes, weight, makeup/beauty stuff, etc. LOL. :::shakes fist:::

belladonna1125 said...


I think you have chestnut brown hair going gray, a little shorter than shoulder length, an olive complexion, brown eyes. I think you are about 5'4". I think you have a formidable bosom.

Gayle said...

Well, lets see:

I'll guess hair is: dark brown, with some gray, shortish, maybe a little nat. curl?

Med. complexion, tans well when spending time outside. Eyes, brown, or even hazel-ish.

Middle age, which you say you are, a few extra pounds, and as was said since many people exaggerate they are too overweight.

You say you arthritic, so I guess you hobble around some, like I do. :)

I think you probably wear glasses, and are about 5'5".

I don't tweet, so I guess that's it. :)

I've never won anything, so I wanna win!


Ok, I am going to say the opposite of everyone else. I really have no idea, so here it goes.
I say you are have light brown hair, are about 5'8"; hazel eyes; overweight by your standards; and very small breasts. Ok, don't shoot me.

Dawn said...

Wow...what a great idea for a contest even if it does give us all fits trying to describe how we see you with how you really look.

Okay, I'm going to guess about 5'7 with short brown with some gray hair. I'm with BD...I think you are rather well endowed up top. I'm going to guess you have the "mom" spare tire around your middle (just like me).

As for your eyes, I think a hazel color but I do believe you have a twinkle in them because anyone as funny as you has to have that.

Anemone Pie said...

Awww, y'all are being good to me in how you describe me...thank you! I particularly love Georgie's "kind heart and beautiful soul" comment. She, of course, is accurate. :-D

Oh, and I don't Tweet so there's nothing more anyone needs to do but what you're already doing. Thanks to everyone for entering so far, it's great fun to read!

Jae said...

Okay, I'll play...

I see AP as about 5'8" - tallish. Very short, blondish hair - maybe a little spikey. Thin (by MY standards) - I'd guess around 120 pounds. Although I'm terrible at guessing weight. No glasses except maybe for reading. Laugh lines around her eyes. Small nose, pretty lips (not too big, not too small) because they smile a lot too. I also have a feeling you have beautiful hands with long fingers.

Can't wait to find out who is closest to describing the *real* AP.

Angel said...

Great contest AP!

I will say.. blonde hair, shortish. Around 5'5". I would also say around 130 pounds.

won said...

Hmmm... interesting concept for a contest.

Here goes:

5 feet 5 inches.
About 180 pounds.
Lighter brown hair, down around your neck, maybe a bit above.
I guess you have brown eyes.

Can't wait to see the reveal.

collinskid said...

I will jump in with a guess-this is such a good idea!

I think you are about 5'4 with short dark blonde hair with your own natural highlights, and blue eyes.

I think you probably have a medium build, maybe an extra pound or two-as we all do. With skin that tans easily in that Florida sun. I bet you wear a lot of shorts and flip-flops or sandals.

Just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Anemone Pie said...

Won, if by "interesting" you mean "weird", then yes, probably so. But hey, it was late and I'd been drinking. :-D

Someone has hit it pretty darn close, too!

Trudy said...

I think you are a dwarf and need to use a walker when at the beach. Your favorite color is pink and you always have your sunglasses on.

Erin Lutz said...

Oh man, Trudy took my answer!
I think you are about 5'5 ish. Long hair always pulled back in a ponytail. No make up, unless chapstick counts. Glasses that you probaly need to have updated, but always think better of it. Comfy clothes, that of course, always smell good, and are soft. (Downey this week??) Crocs that you got a great deal on, and well tended toenails. Do I win huh? Do I, do I?!? :)

Sue said...

OK here goes...

Hair: Silvering with brown "highlights" :)
Eyes: Blue
Body: Pear shaped...but I mean that in a GOOD way.
Personality: DRY and so freaking funny!
Skin: White, meaning you avoid the sun like the plaque.
Tongue: Pink
Toes: 10
Fingers: 10

Thats it! Hope I'm close... :)

Bella said...

Ok, I'm going to give this a try...

You are a Florida Lady, which means you are LJ, or Lady Jerky. Tanned, with a brown, spikey mullet. Cool, funky glasses. About 5'7", apple shaped, but in a healthy, brick-shithouse sort of way. I think you wear tyedye tee shirts or tee shirts that say "Now, THIS is cute!" that has a cat on them, capris, and sandals. And I think you have kind eyes, and a huge, pillowy bosom. And your glasses have a chain on them, so you don't lose them. And I think you wave to people on your block when you or they drive by.

If I win second place, I would like some of your Glade plug in and candle stash sent to me.

Southern Woman said...

OMG, this contest is HILARIOUS! I'm not entering, but I'm pulling for "formidable bosom!"